Men’s Health: Reality Check!

Men’s Health: Reality Check!

A quick look at the stats for men’s health is a sharp wake-up call. Men have a higher risk of developing both diabetes and heart disease. 1 in 3 Canadians has diabetes or pre-diabetes. 1 in 12 has heart disease. The good news is: both can be prevented.


Find out if you are at risk

Early detection of diabetes and cardiovascular issues, combined with changes to diet and lifestyle can prevent disease. Molecular You health assessments look at your genetics, lifestyle, diet & environment. We bring together the most diverse range of biomarkers, to help you see exactly what is going on in your body today and what your future health risks might be. Then, we design a unique action plan, to help you stay healthy. All from a single blood sample.

Supporting Men’s Health

In support of the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF), we’re giving back 5% of every health assessment sale in June. We’re hoping men will take action now, and help us in supporting the CMHF in their drive towards men living healthier and longer lives for the sake of themselves, their families and friends.


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