You Are Unltd interviews CEO Dr. Rob Fraser about preventive healthcare

You Are Unltd interviews CEO Dr. Rob Fraser about preventive healthcare

Does Your Unique Biological Blueprint Hold the Secret to a Longer Life?

When car manuals were still issued in print, we all had a slightly better idea of how our vehicles worked. At the very least, we had information readily available so we could understand what the light on the dash was telling us.

Now imagine if our bodies came with a similar manual, or a unique set of schematics. The potential for better care and maintenance of our selves is immense, and having the data on hand would give healthcare professionals a new edge. What if we were to tell you that this information is more readily available than you think?

Our very nature has propelled us to create a reactionary healthcare system. The ‘if its not broke, don’t fix it’ attitude may cut down health-related visits upfront, but it places us at risk of letting illnesses develop much further than they ever should have before seeking medical advice. This means that when we have blood drawn and tests run, it’s to find a problem that already has symptoms.

Think of it as analogous to a detective story. The crime has been committed, but different experts come on board to analyze the scene to help identify the culprit. Wouldn’t the ideal situation be that the crime was never committed at all?

Why test?

Genetic testing does not even come close to describing the information that can be collected through the proactive analysis of our body. YouAreUNLTD spoke to Dr. Robert Fraser, president and CEO, of Molecular You. His Vancouver-based company conducts multi-dimensional analyses to reach far beyond genetics and provide a more accurate snapshot of current health for its customers. This analysis includes an overview of metabolites, proteins and environmental factors.

“Your genetics do not change over your lifetime,” says Dr. Fraser, “so it’s quite useful to get your genetic information when you’re young. However, for an aging population genetics can be very useful in understanding which medication can be safe and effective for you. After all, one of the leading causes of death is adverse drug reaction to a medical prescription from your doctor.”


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