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Applied Science

Individual blood samples are compared to the Molecular You global database to generate personalized molecular profiles.



A biological analysis approach in which the data sets are multiple “omes”. This increases precision.



A measurable indicator of the severity or presence of some disease state.

Data Science

Data Science

Extracts meaningful insight to advance care.

What We Analyze

We analyze up to 6 different biomarker categories, depending on the package you choose. As most health risks involve multiple factors, the analysis becomes stronger with each additional biomarker group that we analyze.


Metabolites are the clues left behind by your body – the indicators of your inner workings. We test for over 130 metabolites: sugar, acids, fats & neurotransmitters that contribute to your energy, metabolism, muscle & organ function, brain & heart health.


The state of your blood proteins impacts your health and health risks significantly. We test over 140 proteins that can tell you about inflammation, immunity & oxidation; blood clotting & bone function.

Environment & Diet

We test for over 40 metals, minerals, nutrients & toxins. The analysis of your blood can uncover dietary imbalances and environmental exposure. These markers impact bone & brain development, liver function, skin & cardiovascular health.

Health & Lifestyle History

We integrate your self-reported history into our analysis to give us more insight and context. We look at your history, medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise and environment.


Genes are like a blueprint – they define many of your characteristics. We can identify over 25,000 genetic variants, which span 6,000 genes. These can help identify your health and medication risks.


We provide a personalized medication profile which shows risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to many common medications.