Take a look inside

To help you make sense of your results, we’ve created a rich, visual dashboard. You can stay high level and explore the key insights for your nutrition and fitness or you can dive right down to the individual blood marker level.

“The dashboard is amazing – layer upon layer of valuable health data and a personalized action plan. I would advise young people in their 20s and 30s with family history of disease to take this test, while they have plenty of time to make lifestyle changes.”

Wants to live a healthy, active retirement


Explore your health insights

It’s all about you! See what’s working and what needs attention. Check out your key fitness, nutrition and health insights. Explore your inherited traits- from caffeine metabolism to strength and endurance (genetics add-on required).


Dive a little deeper

This is the molecular you! Discover the primary blood markers that are affecting your health right now. Check the early warning blood markers that may be flagging potential health risks or dietary imbalances. Learn what you can do about it.


Learn what you can change

This is the new you! Discover what you can do for optimal health and performance. See our diet, supplement and exercise recommendations – based on your unique data.


Take the guesswork out of your workouts

Find out if you are fit on the inside! See what impact exercise is having on your health and any underlying factors affecting your performance. Learn about your fuel efficiency and see if you are training at the right level.


Learn which foods are right for you

Discover any nutritional imbalances with a complete vitamin, mineral and toxins assessment. Find out which foods and supplements you should be taking for optimal health.


Turn insight into action

This is your playbook for long term health. We design a completely tailored nutrition, supplement and exercise plan based on your personal blood marker results. It’s based on the latest evidence-based research and refined by our team of health scientists.

New! MY Health Tracker App

Keep your goals handy and track your progress with the MY Health Tracker App. Start tracking today!