• How does Molecular You differ from other health assessment services?

    Many companies now offer genetic testing, which may indicate disease susceptibility, but may not paint a detailed picture of your current overall health, disease risks and general wellness. Whereas your genetics do not change over the course of your life, blood-based biomarkers are dynamic and actionable with lifestyle changes. We offer a combination of integrated dynamic biomarker assessments to supplement genetic testing, helping you better understand your complex biological systems – not only your genetics. No other health service platform is as comprehensive and proactive.

  • What are biomarkers?

    Biomarkers are measurable indicators of the severity or presence of some disease state. Molecular You quantifies various blood-based biomarkers including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and many others. Together, the measures of your biomarkers help provide a snapshot of your overall health in the form of your unique molecular profile.

  • How can I sign up for a Molecular You assessment?

    Molecular You assessments are currently available only through our pharmaceutical and corporate wellness partners. For a list of our partners, please visit www.molecularyou.com/partners.

    Please note that our packages are not available for direct-to-consumer purchase and that not all patients and/or employees of our partners may be eligible to purchase a Molecular You assessment.

    If you are interesting in learning more, please contact support@molecularyou.com.

  • Where is Molecular You currently available?

    Molecular You is available to anyone in Canada; however, our partner collection labs are only available in Vancouver, Edmonton, Camrose, Lloydminster, Calgary, Kitchener, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Gatineau, Pointe-Claire, St-Laurent, Longueuil, St-Hubert and L’Ancienne Lorette.

    Please note that only specific blood collection sites are available for Molecular You blood draws. For a detailed list of collection labs, please visit molecularyou.com/locations.

    Note: You cannot purchase a Molecular You package from a partner laboratory.

  • Is my test covered by my health insurance?

    Molecular You’s health assessment service is not currently covered by provincial healthcare coverage. However, it may be possible to use flexible spending accounts such as your Health Spending Account to purchase our health assessments. Ask your HR representative to determine if you have this account or have this as a benefit within your corporation.

  • What is MYHi?

    Molecular You Health Intelligence is our health assessment solution. From a single blood sample, your molecular health profile is generated. Assisted by AI, this profile is compared to our knowledge database to provide a snapshot of your health and to identify your health risks. Through the MYHi platform, we deliver reports and lifestyle action plans to engage and empower users in personal health management.

  • How do I see my results?

    Once your report is ready, we will notify you by email. You can then login to your MYHi account to view your report. All our reports are delivered online in an interactive and user-friendly format for both desktop and mobile devices. For the best experience, we recommend viewing the desktop version of your report and using the mobile app as a companion application.

  • What will the Plus Genetics add-on tell me?

    The Plus (genetics) add-on will supplement the information in your report by providing a personalized medication profile known as a pharmacogenetic report. The pharmacogenetic report shows risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to up to 50 medications based on your genetics. For more information about the genetics add-on, view our packages guide.

  • How do you ensure quality control?

    We employ stringent criteria before including any information in your report to ensure accuracy of the information we provide. Any scientific evidence presented in your report must be supported by peer-reviewed, reproducible, and/or highly-cited published science and we only obtain our scientific evidence by curating global scientific and clinical literature. This strict quality control criteria, at the level of both testing and data analysis, has been determined by experts with many years of experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition, and medicine.

  • Can I upgrade my package at a later date?

    It is important that you carefully decide which package best suits your needs before providing your sample. For accurate results, all blood samples should be collected at the same time and on the same day. Therefore, once you attend your blood samples have been collected, you will not be able to change your package unless you purchase a separate assessment and provide new blood samples.

  • Do I need my doctor's referral to purchase a package?

    You do not need a doctor’s referral to order a Molecular You health assessment. However, you are encouraged to discuss your results and action plan with your preferred health practitioner. In the province of Quebec, a physician’s signature is required on the blood draw requisition form prior to attending your blood collection.

    Please note your report is not a diagnostic test; only a third-party physician or other qualified healthcare provider can provide medical advice or diagnose medical conditions by interpreting our reports.

  • Is my report shared with my family doctor?

    No, your report will not be shared automatically with your family doctor. It is up to you to decide if you want to share your results with anyone, including your doctor. Before sharing your report with friends or family, please consider that there maybe sensitive information visible to the recipients.

  • What happens if I learn I have a health risk or imbalance?

    If your Molecular You report indicates you may have a health concern or high health risk in any area, consult your physician to determine the most suitable course of action.

  • Does the package price include a consultation/will someone review my report with me?

    No, Molecular You packages do NOT include a consultation. We are legally bound from being able to provide these services to our users. Only a physician or other qualified healthcare practitioner can interpret your results and provide medical advice and proper medical diagnosis.

    Instead, we show you the most notable parts of your report on the first page of your report, the MYHi dashboard. The entire MYHi platform has also been designed to be interactive and user friendly and will guide you through your results at home.

  • Are Molecular You health assessments considered diagnostic tests?

    No. Our platform is not intended for diagnostic purposes and your Molecular You report is intended for educational purposes only. While Molecular You’s health assessment service is a powerful platform that can identify and combine huge amounts of scientific information to determine health status and risks, the biomarker-related information we provide in your report is only part of the picture of your overall health and well-being and may not be clinically validated. Only a third-party physician or other qualified healthcare provider can provide medical advice, diagnose medical conditions, or assess your current state of health and your potential for health risks or disease.

  • How do Molecular You health assessments differ from regular blood testing?

    A Molecular You health assessment is meant to supplement – not replace – diagnostic bloodwork panels like those ordered by your family doctor. For this reason, our health assessments are unique from the standard tests commonly used for diagnostic purposes. Rather than report standard markers commonly used in diagnostic blood panels, we use updated scientific literature to identify new dynamic biomarkers with potential links to health and disease. Our assessments are therefore more predictive and preventative rather than diagnostic.

  • How long will it take to get my report?

    After your collection appointment, it could take up to 90 days to receive your report and action plan. This varies slightly based on which package you choose and when your site sends your samples to us. To view where along the pipeline your report is, log in to your account at app.molecularyou.com.

  • What is the difference between my "identifying information" and my "health data"?

    Your identifying information is any piece of information that can be used to identify you. This includes your name, contact information, address, and date of birth. Your identifying information is never shared with anyone outside of Molecular You, and only necessary associates within Molecular You have access to your identifying information (such as the Support team).

    Your health data is your de-identified health results including your biomarker information. Your health data is not directly linked to your identifying information to protect your privacy. Molecular You uses your health data to create your report and only necessary associates within Molecular You have access to your de-identified health data (such as our Data and Science team).

    Sophisticated controls for data de-identification are employed to ensure that your identifying information is only linked to your de-identified health data on our secure servers by your unique Molecular You ID (MYID). You may choose to destroy this link at anytime: refer to our consent form for more information about how we protect your de-identified health data and personal information.

  • Is my identifying information and health data secure?

    Yes. Security of your identifying information and health data is a top priority at Molecular You. The Molecular You database holding all personal health information has advanced features for privacy, security and governance.

    Molecular You’s database security is aligned with PIPEDA, FIPPA, PHIPA, and HIPAA (US) requirements and information is hosted in locked cabinets in a secure data centre.

    The Molecular You database that holds personal health information does not use or store cookies or hold any data collected by the public website.

  • Can my health data or any personal information be viewed by any third-parties?

    No, your individual-level health data results are stored on our secure servers and only accessible by you and our data scientists. Likewise, your identifying personal information is only visible to you and the MYCo Customer Success team. Be careful not to share your MYhi password and login information with others to maximize your data security.

    De-identified health data may be used for aggregate research purposes in the future, however aggregate research data is never linked to a personal identity. Refer to your informed consent form for more details on the use of de-identified data.

  • Can I choose to destroy my samples if I change my mind about a Molecular You health assessment?

    You may request the destruction of your samples only before analysis is complete by contacting the Privacy Officer in writing at Suite 307 – 788 Beatty, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6B 2M1.

    If you do make such a request, we will be unable to provide you with our services and any fees already paid by you will be non-refundable. We encourage you to discuss the withdrawal of your samples with Molecular You support before choosing to withdraw. Molecular You support can be contacted at support@molecularyou.com or 1-800-380-1468 ext. 0.

  • Can I choose to delete my health data after I see it?

    Once we generate your de-identified health data from your samples it will not be possible to delete it from MYCO’s secure databases or systems. However, you may request at any time to unlink your identifying information from your health data. By unlinking, we delete your identifying information from our servers leaving your health data completely de-identified (refer to your informed consent form for more information on the use of de-identified health data). Accordingly, you will lose your access to your data because we will not be able to link it to you anymore. We encourage you to discuss the withdrawal of your samples with Molecular You support before choosing to withdraw. Molecular You support can be contacted at support@molecularyou.com or 1-800-380-1468 ext. 0.