Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a MY Partner

What does it mean to be a MY Partner?

As a Molecular You partner provider, you will be able to sell Molecular You profiles to your clients/patients through one of our flexible partnership programs.


You can either sell packages at a bundle price through a unique partner landing page as an Affiliate, or purchase them wholesale on behalf of your clients as a Reseller.


Either way, you will create a partner MYhi account login to let you see your client lists and access reports from the cloud. Your team will also receive FREE training by our MY Report Specialists teaching you how to interpret Molecular You reports for your clients.


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It is FREE to become a MY Partner. Get in touch today!

What kind of businesses partner with Molecular You?

We have partnered with pharmacies, physicians, functional medicine clinics, naturopaths, athletic coaches, personal trainers, gyms, wellness advisers, and corporations all across Canada.


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How do I get involved?

If you are health practitioner and would like to utilize Molecular You’s profiling service in your business, please contact us here.


It’s FREE to become a MY partner, get in touch today!

Do we need to be located in Canada to offer Molecular You’s profiling service?

Yes, our services are only available in Canada at this time.  If you are interested in partner with us to provide our health profiling services to your clients, please contact us here.


It is FREE to become a MY Partner. Get in touch today!

How do I interpret my clients' Molecular You reports?

When you become a MY Partner, you will have unlimited access to our training video database and will receive one-on-one training with a MY Training Specialist.


It is FREE to become a MY Partner. Get in touch today!