Frequently Asked Questions

Platform and Reports

What is MYhi?

MYhi (Molecular You’s Health Intelligence) is the online platform created by Molecular You where you can order your packages, access all your reports, fill in your account information, and learn about your results. You are invited to login to MYhi when you purchase a package.

How do I see my results?

You will login to your MYhi account (Molecular You’s Health Intelligence) to view your report when it’s ready. All our reports are delivered online in an interactive and user-friendly format, through your MYhi dashboard. Explore what your MYhi dashboard will look like here.

What will my report tell me?

Depending on the package you select, your comprehensive health report will contain insights on 15+ organ systems and body functions, and indicate your individual risk for over 60 diseases and 84 health imbalances. A pharmacogenetics report can also assess how you may tolerate up to 50 different medications based on your genetics. 


In every package you will also receive a personalized lifestyle action plan curated by our diet and exercise scientists, based on your self-reported information and health data. Review our package options to see how our packages differ.


All this information is brought together inside your visual and user-friendly MYhi dashboard, accessible at anytime.

Will someone review my report with me?

No, Molecular You associates do not provide report consultations or review. Instead, we show you the most notable parts of your report in your Health Data Highlights. The MYhi platform has also been designed to be interactive and user friendly and will guide you through your results at home.


If you would like to discuss your report with a physician trained in interpreting MYCo reports, you can get in touch with one of our partner clinics. Consultation fees are determined by each individual clinic and are not included in package pricing. Molecular You associates do not provide in house consultations or report reviews directly.

What will the Plus Genetics add-on tell me?

The Plus Genetics add-on will supplement the information in your report by assessing your risk of multiple inherited traits and genetic diseases, and provides a personalized medication profile which shows risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to up to 50 medications (based on your genetics).  You will only receive information about your inherited cancer risks if you purchase the Plus Genetics add-on. For more information about the genetics add-on and inherited cancer information consenting options, view our packages guide

What kind of health risks do you look for?

Review our package options comparison table to see which health risks are screened in each package. 

What kind of actionable information will I receive?

Your personalized lifestyle action plan may contain nutrition, exercise, and supplement suggestions based on your self-reported information, your health data, and the latest research.  With the Plus Genetics add-on, you will also recieve a personalized medication profile which shows your risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to up to 50 medications (based on your genetics).


Your action plan is not meant to replace advice from a health practitioner. While all your personalized actions are based on peer-reviewed scientific studies and will be reviewed by our scientific team, consult with a physician before starting your action plan, particularly if you have a previously diagnosed health condition.

What happens if I learn I have a health risk or imbalance?

If your Molecular You report indicates you may have a health concern or high health risk in any area, consult your physician to determine the most suitable course of action.

How accurate are the results?

We employ stringent criteria before including any information in your report to ensure accuracy of the information we provide. Any scientific evidence presented in your report must be supported by peer-reviewed, reproducible, and/or highly-cited published science and we only obtain our scientific evidence by curating global scientific and clinical literature. This strict quality control criteria, at the level of both testing and data analysis, has been determined by experts with many years of experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, nutrition, and medicine.

Will I be able to choose what information I want to receive?

Molecular You measures a high number of biomarkers that have been associated with inherited cancers if you purchase the Plus Genetics add-on. These biomarkers are not fully validated but do have the potential to be important in identifying the emergence or presence of cancer.


If you purchase the Plus Genetics add-on, you will be asked if you wish to receive any information on cancer biomarkers and will indicate your choice by checking a box in your consent form upon activating your account. If you do not provide consent to receive information about your inherited cancer risks, they will not be analyzed or reported to you. 


Unless you purchase the Plus Genetics add-on, no information will be optional.

Can I upgrade my package at a later date?

Depending on the package you choose for your health assessment, we run different analyses on your blood sample. Therefore, once you select your package option, you will not be able to change it unless you purchase a separate assessment and provide a new sample. It is important that you carefully decide which package best suits your needs before providing your sample.