Frequently Asked Questions

Molecular You Package Options

What is the difference between the packages?

Each package level integrates an additional biomarker category with your lifestyle information and medical history to produce your comprehensive health assessment report and action plan.


  • Baseline analyzes your blood metabolites


  • Core analyzes your blood metabolites, and environmental/dietary exposures


  • Premium analyzes your blood metabolites, environmental/dietary exposures, and blood proteins.


  • The Plus Genetics add-on can be purchased with any package, and incorporates genetic information into your health data report and action plan.


With each additional category, we can integrate more scientific literature into your report, so the information you get in your report becomes stronger.


Depending on your age, family history, and reasons for purchasing the test, you may be suited best to a particular package. Learn more about our packages here or try our package selector to find your best fit.

Are Molecular You health assessments considered diagnostic tests?

No. Our platform is not intended for diagnostic purposes and your Molecular You report is intended for educational purposes only. While Molecular You’s health assessment service is a powerful platform that can identify and combine huge amounts of scientific information to determine health status and risks, the biomarker-related information we provide in your report is only part of the picture of your overall health and well-being and may not be clinically validated.  Only a third-party physician or other qualified healthcare provider can provide medical advice, diagnose medical conditions, or assess your current state of health and your potential for health risks or disease.

How do Molecular You health assessments differ from regular blood testing?

A Molecular You health assessment is meant to supplement, not replace, diagnostic bloodwork panels like those ordered by your family doctor. For this reason, our health assessments are very unique from the standard tests commonly used for diagnostic purposes. Rather than report standard markers commonly used in diagnostic blood panels, we use updated scientific literature to identify new dynamic biomarkers and genes with potential links to health and disease. Our assessments are therefore more predictive and preventative rather than diagnostic.

What package should I choose?

Learn more about our packages here or try our package selector to find your best fit! If you are still unsure which package is best for you, get in touch.

How long will it take to get my report?

After your collection appointment, it could take up to 90 days to receive your report and action plan. This varies slightly based on which package you choose and when your site sends your samples to us. Contact us for more details on the status of your report.

Does the package price include a consultation with a doctor?

Unless otherwise specified at the time of your purchase, your package does NOT include a consultation. If you would like to review your report reviewed with a trained MYCo practitioner, get in touch with one of our partner clinics. Only a physician or other qualified healthcare practitioner can interpret your results and provide medical advice and proper medical diagnosis. Consultation fees are determined by each individual clinic and are not included in the package cost when purchased directly from Molecular You. 


Note: If you purchased a test through one of our third-party partner clinics or pharmacies, a consultation may be included in your pricing. Contact them directly to book your consultation.