Delivering Precision Health

Healthcare is entering a new era in delivering data driven solutions to maintain health, optimize performance and manage disease. Molecular You supports practitioners in delivering individualized health action plans. Using advanced computing algorithms, smart tools and molecular analyses, Molecular You provides the tools that support and enable the delivery of personalized healthcare.


Supported by Our Team of Experts

The Molecular You team of world-leading experts in medical practice, life sciences, and computational biology utilize molecular level profiles and phenotypic information of individuals to provide personalized healthcare solutions in a usable and actionable format. The team ensures that the interpretation and supporting evidence provided is the latest, most comprehensive information needed to set personalized actions and treatments. 

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Centrally access data

Securely manage clients at any time, across multiple locations on any device.


Actionable personalized health data

Integrated omic profiling connected to health systems and disease trends, prepared by a trusted team of experts.


Designed for your workflow

Practitioners, specialists and coaches can work seamlessly with real-time patient updates and an intuitive interface.


Equipped with the right information

Global scientific evidence and information drill down capabilities. Innovative visualizations to see complex relationships. Real time client activity progress feedback.

Building Personalized Treatment Insights

Molecular measures provide insights into a client’s health trends, and help provide metrics on suggested therapies. While reviewing the client’s Health Data, practitioners can select analytes that are outside of the normal range that they would like to target with individualized corrective health actions.

MYHealthIntelligence™ provides practitioners with the tools to quickly draw knowledge from a vast amount of resources to tailor health interventions and actions to individual measures. The system is learning from the actions of the client and the practitioner to construct more optimized plans going forward. Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive and accessible personalized health action resource database for practitioners to apply to their clients.


Select actionable outcomes
Bookmark health systems, conditions and targeted measures that you would like to adjust with corrective health actions.

Browse health actions
Based on your bookmarks, review the treatment suggestions identified by our database— across nutrition, rest, supplements, medications and exercise.

Work smarter
Seamlessly work with your trusted team of experts in nutrition, exercise, supplements and treatments and share the action plan process.

See the big picture
Verify that actions suit the overall health goals by seeing the effect and connections to other targeted measures.

Apply your insights
Review the lifestyle and phenotype data to refine and customize the course of action.

Learn what works
Access real-time progress insights and review the treatment success upon retest.