Personal Health Intelligence

Whether you want to optimize your performance, or are interested in improving health and wellness, understanding your unique molecular profile gives you and your healthcare practitioner valuable insights to take personalized health actions, tailored to you and your life goals.

Health and Wellness

Gain personalized molecular-level insights and implement health action plans tailored for your unique profile.

High Performance

Discover the precision-level insights training, diet and recovery that will optimize your performance

Disease Management

Use molecular-level analyses to help select the best treatment options and then monitor the outcomes over time to further optimize your treatment action plan.

MYHealthIntelligence™ presents your molecular level health data in an engaging and accessible way. Explore your data and view the molecular composition of your body and how it dynamically affects your health and wellbeing.


Centrally manage your health

Access your personalized health data, progress, communication and booking all in one place.


Share Securely

Share your health information securely with the Molecular You health practitioner of your choice and have access to all the same information.


Get proactive

Work smarter with your health. Know what is healthy eating, the right exercise and the safe treatments for you to achieve your health goals.


Trust the data quality

Have the expertise of a whole scientific team behind your health. Scientists and practitioners will work together to provide you the information you can trust at the right time.


Build your health knowledge

Explore, discover and learn what your molecular blueprint says about you and how you can proactively change your health.


Access everywhere, any time

Access your secure web portal to your health information and actions any time, from any device, from anywhere.

Molecular Profiling

Molecular You analyzes your genetic, blood protein and metabolite and gut microbial profiles in an integrated manner to provide comprehensive insights into your health status. While genetic testing is used to understand the underlying DNA mutations indicating risk for a specific disease, an integrated multi-molecular analysis combined with your own self-reported information gives a deeper understanding of your current health status and what you can do to improve or maintain wellness. MYHealthIntelligence™ compares your integrated analysis with the most up to date health information to determine individualized actions that would benefit you most.


Informed Health Management

Molecular You partners with clinics that are committed to and equipped with the tools and support to deliver personalized healthcare. Based on their clinical evaluation of your data, your practitioner prepares a personalized action plan as they go through your results. Your action plan is your detailed list of tailored-to-you actions to improve your health. This means you can make the choices that are right for your body, put the efforts where they are needed and make the changes that will change your particular health status.