Molecular Profiling

Major advances in bioinformatics and clinical understanding of molecular measures in the past decade have made it possible to understand our health more precisely than ever before.

Molecular You analyzes your genetic, blood protein, metabolite and gut microbial molecular profiles as well as cellular and phenotype information in an integrated manner to provide comprehensive insights into your health status. We also incorporate any additional clinical assay data and self-reported health status and history into the analysis. This integrated multi-molecular analysis combined with your own self-reported information gives a deeper understanding of your current health status and what you can do to improve or maintain health.

Molecular Profiles

Your Genetic Profile

698,000+ gene variants

Analysis of your genes gives insight into your inherited traits, conditions, risk of diseases, and response to medications. The totality of your genes makes up your genome and provides a unique blueprint for your body.

Your Protein Profile

140 proteins including enzymes and immune-response

Proteins form the structure and drive the function of your body. Analysis of the circulating proteins in your blood can reflect both real-time snapshots and long-term forecasts of the health of all your vital organs, including their structural integrity, functional status, and susceptibility to disease.

Your Metabolite Profile

130+ metabolites including amino acids, sugar and lipids

Metabolites are the products of all the life-sustaining processes that occur in your body. Analysis of these small molecules in the blood and urine can provide insight into your body’s nutritional status, toxin accumulation and can be indicators of disease in real-time.

Your Microbial Profile

1000s of microorganisms

Your body hosts a multitude of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, and fungi, which together are known as your microbiome. Analysis of the composition and diversity of microbes in the gut or other regions of the body, can indicate your susceptibility to inflammatory diseases and other illnesses and how you respond to medications and changes in diet or exercise.

Your Cellular Profile

We incorporate all other standard clinical tests including cellular measures (eg. white blood cells) into the analysis. These measures predict the development or absence of a range of conditions and are used by physicians for assessing baseline health. Our platform is set up to incorporate and interpret all clinical tests that you may have performed.

Your Phenotype Profile

Like your practitioner, we learn a great deal about your health by what you report on how you presently feel and your family health history. MYHealthIntelligence™ collects this information and integrates it with your molecular and cellular profiles, giving your practitioner a more complete picture of you to deliver recommendations tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Your Physical Profile

In our next release, we will integrate data from your activity monitoring devices to accurately reflect how your activities affect your molecular profile.

Your Environment Profile

In our next release, we will calculate exposure levels of certain environmental toxins to determine how they influence your health.

Your Personalized Health Data Report

MYHealthIntelligence™ presents your molecular level health data in an engaging and accessible way.  Molecular You’s in-depth integrated molecular profiling equips you with detailed personalized information on the status of 21 health systems, disease state or progression of 50+ diseases, diet, exercise and rest benefits, and treatment or supplement optimization specific to your molecular profile.

More Facts

Molecular You partners with clinics that are committed to and equipped with the tools and support to deliver precision healthcare. The information generated from your molecular profile will first be shared with your practitioner to provide them with insight into your current health status. Once the practitioner has reviewed your health data, they will then explain and review the information with you in a follow-up consultation.

Features and tools within MYHealthIntelligence™ have been designed for you to explore and gain insights into your health on a molecular level. You’ll be able to make connections between your hereditary information coded in your genetic profile and your current health state indicated by your protein, metabolite and microbial profiles. MYHealthIntelligence™ compares your integrated analysis with the most up to date health information to determine individualized actions that would benefit you most.