For You

Personalized Health Management

Understanding your unique molecular profile gives you and your health practitioners valuable insights to make informed health decisions and action plans that align with your health goals.

Your practitioner prepares a precision action plan as they go through your results. Your action plan is your detailed list of tailored-to-you actions to improve your health. This means you can get precise— make the choices that are right for your body, invest your efforts and energy where they count and implement the changes that will align with your health goals.

Health Actions

Individualized preventive health actions are itemized and linked specifically to the measures that can improve your health.


Diet & Hydration

Get personalized diet and hydration recommendations optimal to your molecular make-up.



Discover the specific exercise that are compatible with your body and will make a difference to your health.



Learn if and how your sleep patterns affect molecular levels and your overall health.



Understand which supplements, at what dosage, will benefit your body and which ones may be harmful to your health.



Make a shift towards personalized medicine. Use molecular profiling to know what medications and optimal dosages will be beneficial to you and which ones may be harmful or ineffective.


Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Find out how stress is affecting your health and what you can do to reverse the trend and improve your wellbeing.


Daily Activity

Check in on those small changes in your daily lifestyle. Do they really add up and make a difference?

Your Personalized Health Action Plan

Through MYHealthIntelligence™ you access your plan of health activities and can learn how they connect with your health data. Your action plan is available on an app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device so you can check off completed actions when prompted. Tracking your progress over time and connecting these to precise measured targets, captures valuable live data insights. The actions you complete and check off are reported towards your health data and so that when you retest, you will have a direct connection between actions and results.

More Facts

You can monitor your progress towards a more healthy status through additional molecular profiling following the actions you’ve taken. As you record your actions and monitor your progress over time, you’ll discover which interventions you have acted upon are having the desired effect.

The clinic selected by you will be linked into your account so you can seamlessly connect with the practitioners to communicate, book tests and consultations securely from the web portal, Your practitioners can also support you in adhering to your action plans, by monitoring your progress on an ongoing basis.