Five simple steps to better health.

Find the package that’s right for you

Everyone is different. You may want to optimize your sports performance or you may have specific concerns based on family history. Decide which package is best for you and get in touch with us to order your test.

Visit a collection site

Visit one of our partner collection sites to get a small blood sample. Your sample will then be sent to Molecular You for testing.

Get expert analysis

Your biomarkers are analyzed, drawing on a vast array of clinical and scientific literature. We use intelligent algorithms and a team of in-house experts to bring you personal insights based on the latest scientific research.

Explore your health insights

Explore and make sense of your health data with our visual dashboard, MY Health Intelligence™. Using interactive visualizations, we’ll help you to see the links between your biomarkers, your body systems and your health.

Turn insight into action

To help you address any health risks or imbalances, our team of in-house experts design an action plan unique to your health data. We’ll help you to track your diet and lifestyle changes – and map your progress each time you get tested.


Still have questions?

Take a quick look at our FAQ and see if we’ve already answered your question.  If not, please ask us.

What is biomarker analysis?

We analyze thousands of “biomarkers” or “markers” to assess your health risks. MY results can include:



  • 25 thousand gene variants


  • 300 proteins, fats, & carbohydrates


  • and 60 metals, minerals, nutrients & toxins



A summary of your biomarkers can help you make decisions and take action proactively about your health. You have two types of markers in your results: Static (genetics) & Dynamic (all the rest). Dynamic markers have the potential to change based on your actions where your Static markers will not change.

What does Molecular You do?

Molecular You integrates your unique health data and lifestyle history with current science to bring you tailored and evidence-based information about your health. With a small blood sample, we analyze up to 4 biomarker categories in one single health report, such as your blood metabolites, environmental/dietary exposure, blood proteins, and genetics. We upload your report to your online account which includes your health data, highlights, and customized action plan. You can log in anytime to dig into your own unique molecular profiles, and track your action plan progress, using our interactive and user-friendly platform.

What will my report tell me?

Depending on the package you select, your comprehensive health report will contain insights on 15+ organ systems and body functions, and indicate your individual risk for over 60 diseases and 84 health imbalances. A pharmacogenetics report can also assess how you may tolerate up to 88 different medications based on your genetics.



In every package you will also receive a personalized lifestyle action plan curated by our diet and exercise scientists, based on your self-reported information and health data. Review our package options to see how our packages differ.



All this information is brought together inside your visual and user-friendly MYhi dashboard, accessible at anytime.

Do I need a doctor's referral for the test?

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to order a Molecular You health assessment however you are encouraged to discuss your results and action plan with your preferred health practitioner.



Please remember your report is not a diagnostic test; only a third-party physician or other qualified healthcare provider can provide medical advice or diagnose medical conditions by interpreting your results.