Human Capital is your greatest asset.

Keep your team healthy.

Personalized wellness for your employees

Molecular You offers an unparalleled snapshot into how you are doing from a biological, athletic and healthy longevity standpoint.

Jim Kean, Founder, WellnessFX

The value of prevention

The root causes of chronic disease are known. 80% can be prevented. Our goal is to help people take control of their health through earlier detection of their health risks and practical action plans to mitigate those risks.

Preventive health assessments

Molecular You analyzes blood biomarkers to provide the most in-depth scientific health assessment available today.

Genetics only reveals inherited risks. We look at the most diverse range of biomarkers to give you insight into not only inherited risks, but also your current health status and any early warning signs. With this knowledge, proactive measures can be taken to manage health.

Attainable personalized health action plans

Based on a person’s data, we create a personalized health action plan to help address any risks and be proactive about their health. Results and action plans are easily accessible securely online. Clients can track their nutrition and fitness goals using the mobile app and monitor their health progress over time.




Detecting risks earlier

We provide personalized preventive health assessments that give individuals a full picture of their current and future health risks.


Spot the early signs of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.

Heart health

Check multiple markers for cardiovascular health.

Mental health

Identify factors affecting mental health.


Check multiple markers for inflammation.

What we measure

We analyze markers in the blood to identify risk factors for many of the most common chronic diseases. We measure metabolites, proteins, nutrients, toxins, genetics and pharmacogenomics and integrate the data with personal health history. We analyze the most diverse range of biomarkers in North America. Be we don’t just leave it there. We design a unique plan for each person to take control of their health.

Inspiring behavioural change

From each person’s health data, we design a personalized nutrition, supplement and exercise plan to help them reduce their risks through lasting lifestyle changes.

Data-driven insights

Aggregate data gives you detailed insights into organizational health risks and enables you to track outcomes.

Early detection

“I found my results hugely motivating. Now I know my riks for heart disease and diabetes. I can make lifestyle changes to prevent long term issues.”

Eric, 50
Family history of heart disease

How we are different

We focus on practical, personalized action plans to help people with lifestyle changes. Our platform is rooted in data and underpinned by scientific research.

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