Know which foods are right for you

What does your body say about what you should eat?

Whether you’re addressing a health condition or feeling fatigued, find out precisely what your body needs for optimal health.

Personalized nutrition

Every person has a unique set of nutritional needs. Through an in-depth analysis of blood markers, myNutritionFx spots nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that may be leading to health risks. A personalized nutrition and fitness plan is designed for each individual based on their unique needs and any potential health risks.

Nutritional analysis

Spot vitamin deficiencies and imbalances

An analysis of your blood markers could help to spot nutritional deficiencies or imbalances and could also warn you of any excessive intake of vitamins and minerals. Only by connecting the dots, can you discover specific deficiencies and flag any dietary approaches that may not work for you.

Health risks

Take your health conditions into account

Diet is a crucial and modifiable factor that can influence a person’s risk for developing disease, especially chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes. It is important to take all health conditions into account when designing a personalized diet.

Personalized nutrition

A personalized diet that isn’t restrictive

Putting together a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your optimal health doesn’t mean you have to eat foods you don’t like or limit your options. Your food preferences are taken account when generating your unique nutrition plan.

Health benefits

How can exercise lower your health risks?

If you have a current health condition or are at risk of developing a condition, exercise can help to reduce symptoms or the onset of a disease. We measure blood markers that can detect potential health risks and we make exercise recommendations to reduce those health risks.

Fuel utilization

Are you burning fats and sugars effectively?

Your body relies on sugars and fats for energy. The ability to switch between these two fuel sources to meet energy needs during exercise is known as metabolic flexibility. We measure this and make recommendations to improve your fuel utilization – so you can boost your fitness capacity.

“The real power of this testing is early detection of the root causes of aging and chronic disease. If we can detect these earlier and make sustainable lifestyle changes, we could avoid a lot of disease.”

Lawrence Cheng MD, Co-Founder & Clinic Director, Connect Health Care Centre

Our packages

Molecular You health assessments are designed for individuals who prefer a personalized, science-based approach to fitness and health. We use our AI-driven personalized health platform to analyze a broad range of markers in your blood and assess your unique fitness profile and characteristics. Every assessment comes with a personalized nutrition plan based on your personal data. 


Featured Insights:

  • Nutritional status

  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies

  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Personalized action plan

  • 9 health risks

  • Early warning of Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

myFitnessFx Max

Featured Insights:

  • Everything in myNutritionFx, and:

  • Fitness insights, including fuel utilization, training tolerance, athletic signature, health benefits and oxygen consumption

  • Additional 7 health risks

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Liver, kidney & cognitive health, blood clotting, inflammation and immune health
Interested in purchasing a Molecular You assessment?


Find the package that’s right for you

You may simply want to optimize your diet and fitness, or you may have specific health concerns. Either way, we have a package for you. All of our packages come with a personalized action plan based on your unique health markers.

What our customers are saying 

Early detection
“I found my results hugely motivating. Now I know my risks for heart disease and diabetes, I can make lifestyle changes to prevent long term issues.
Healthy Aging
“I would advise young people in their 20s/30s with family history of disease to take this test, while they have plenty of time to make lifestyle changes.”
Type 2 diabetes
“I want to feel healthy as I age – and sustain my active lifestyle. This has given me a personal prescription for health – and proof that it works.”

How it works

Give Sample
Visit one of our labs

Data Analysis
We connect all the dots

Explore Results
Online, anytime, anywhere

Personalized Plan
Track progress and repeat!

What you will learn


Precision Fitness

How does your body respond to exercise?

Fuel Usage

Do you use fats and sugars effectively?


Are you training at the right level?

Athletic Signature

How do you compare with elite athletes?



Which foods are right for you?


Which supplements you should be taking?


Are you risk for pre-diabetes?


Do you have any heavy metal exposures?



Which medications are right for your DNA?

Heart Health

What do your blood markers show?

Immune Health

What factors influence your immunity?


How inflammation affecting your health?

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