Completing the package of care

Personalized nutrition and exercise plans that complement treatment

Empowering the patient throughout their journey

Value-based care solutions with real-world outcomes

Over 100 million people in North America are on medication. With the shift to value-based care, there is a real need to demonstrate the value of care solutions with real world outcomes. Molecular You completes the care package by providing precision exercise and nutrition plans that complement treatment and can aid recovery and prevention. Our plans are fully personalized to empower the patient and provide metrics throughout their journey.

The true value of Molecular You is the ability to address the full continuum of care – from prevention to treatment to healthy longevity.

Allen Gee MD, PhD, FAAN

Director, Jackson Hole Technology  Healthcare Initiative

What our customers are saying 

Early detection
“I found my results hugely motivating. Now I know my risks for heart disease and diabetes, I can make lifestyle changes to prevent long term issues.
Healthy Longevity
“I would advise young people in their 20s/30s with family history of disease to take this test, while they have plenty of time to make lifestyle changes.”
Type 2 diabetes
“I want to feel healthy as I age – and sustain my active lifestyle. This has given me a personal prescription for health – and proof that it works.”

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