Our History

A Vision to Deliver Personalized Healthcare

Molecular You was founded in 2014 by a team of world-leading scientists and clinicians with a unified passion to make personalized healthcare a reality.


For several years our co-founders have been driving the concept of personalized health, in which health decisions are made based on an individual’s specific molecular makeup.


Drs. Fraser and Cullis co-founded The Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI), with Dr. David Huntsman (BC Cancer Agency), Dr. Martin Dawes (Head, Dept. Family Practice, UBC), Dr. Bruce McManus (Director, Centre for Prevention of Organ Failure, St. Paul’s Hospital) and Dr. James Russell (St. Paul’s Hospital). The mission of the PMI, a not for profit organization, is to implement personalized, molecularly-based medicine into healthcare in BC, Canada and beyond. The PMI has four major objectives (for greater detail see “Roadmap for Introduction of Personalized Medicine: Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Disease are About to Change Forever”)


Dr. Cullis, author of “The Personalized Medicine Revolution” notes that medical progress has been mainly based on advances that benefit the population as a whole rather than individuals. We recognize the need to equip physicians and their patients with molecular-level information, empowering them with the breadth and depth of knowledge to make informed health decisions.


Molecular You co-founders, through countless interactions with stakeholders, have determined that accessing integrated multi-molecular level analyses is key to enabling personalized, precision healthcare. Integrated multi-omic analyses give physicians and their patients a deeper understanding of a person’s unique profile. Genetic testing alone will only give you a risk profile while integrated molecular analyses will provide an in-depth look at your current health status, including disease development and progress, exposures, deficiencies and treatment sensitivities.


A vision of making personalized, precision healthcare a standard is the foundation of Molecular You. Our mission is to utilize molecular profiles of individuals to provide personalized healthcare solutions in a usable and actionable format.