our technology

Personalized Health Platform

Molecular You analyzes the molecules in your body using advanced scientific technologies to give you the most in-depth scientific health assessment available today, all packaged into one easy-to-use online tool.



Beyond the surface with a single blood draw

Integrating information from up to 5 different methods of molecular analysis with details about your lifestyle, previous health and medical history, we quantify your current health status and risks, and deliver your health data in a user-friendly and accessible digital format. No other company in North America offers this level of molecular analysis and integration from a single blood draw.

Your online health data dashboard

Molecular You organizes your health data into seven main sections in your online MYhi dashboard, accessible anytime and anywhere. Our user friendly platform lets you drill into details to learn how your molecular measures are connected to health risks, body functions, organ systems, or medication effects.



An intelligent database powered by knowledge

Global scientific information is doubling every 1.6 years and faster each day. We update our resource database regularly with new clinical and scientific information so our understanding of your health is always current. Our proprietary advanced computing algorithms and smart tool technologies are core expertise in analyzing global literature and internal data sets to deliver personalized health to all of our clients.


From insight to action

Personalized action plans built uniquely for you by our diet and exercise scientists are designed to empower you to take actions that specifically benefit you. Individualized suggestions for nutrition, supplements, exercise, medication, stress reduction and rest are itemized and linked specifically to your health data measures that can improve your health.


Track progress to see results

Your health is dynamic and repeated monitoring over time will help your understand if your action plans are working to reduce your health risks and optimize your body functions.