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We design a tailored nutrition, exercise and supplement plan based on your personal history and present blood marker data. Each plan is generated using the latest evidence-based research and is refined by our team of health scientists.

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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Find out how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your health


Featured Insights

  • Everything in MyFitnessFx, plus:
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Personalized action plan
  • Hypertension risk
myFitnessFx Pro

Boosted Fitness

Get a deeper look into the impact of training on your body

myFitnessFx Pro

Featured Insights

  • Fuel utilization
  • Training tolerance
  • Extended athletic signature
  • Mitochondrial function
  • 16 health risks
  • Extended liver, kidney & cognitive health
  • Inflammation, immune health & blood clotting
  • Personalized action plan
myFitnessFx Max

Optimal Performance

Optimize your nutrition and fitness for the long term

myFitnessFx Max

Featured Insights:

  • Everything in myFitnessFx Pro, plus:
  • Complete fitness insights
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins
  • Nutrition insights
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Personalized action plan

Inherited Risks

Get insight into inherited risks and a personal medication profile


Featured Insights:

  • Inherited health risks
  • Inherited traits
  • Personal medication profile


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Comparison Overview myFitnessFxmyNutritionFxmyFitnessFxPromyFitnessFxMaxGenetics
Biomarker CategoriesMetabolites
Environment and Diet Exposures
Genetic ReportsGenetic Risks
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Health insights

The chart below summarizes the health risks reported in each package. The size of the dot indicates the depth of scientific evidence considered for each health risk. The ‘Plus Genetics’ column indicates health risks where we are able to determine additional genetic contributions. We keep up to date on the latest research and regularly assess the list of health risks we report on. Please note that the health risks reported in each package are subject to change depending on new scientific and clinical evidence.

CategoryHealth RiskmyFitnessFxmyNutritionFxmyFitnessFxPromyFitnessFxMaxPlus
Metabolic HealthDiabetes
Cardiovascular HealthAtherosclerosis
Cardiovascular Disease
Heart Attack
Brain HealthAlzheimer’s Disease
Kidney HealthKidney stones
Liver HealthFatty liver disease
Liver disease
Joint & Muscle HealthGout
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lung HealthChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Gastrointestinal HealthInflammatory Bowel Disease
Reproductive HealthPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome (Female Only)