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Learning about Molecular You

About Molecular You

A quick overview about Molecular You.

How it works

Learn how the process works from the time a customer purchases a test.

Training Videos

AI-driven health platform

Action Plan introduction

Get an overview of how the action plan is created and what information your clients will receive.

Exercise Plan

Learn about what kind of fitness recommendations your clients will receive.

Nutrition plan

Learn about what kind of nutrition recommendations your clients will receive.

Brochures and other downloadables

Download Molecular You’s customer brochure

Download myFitnessFx product sheet

List of health risks we report

Pharmacogenetics we report


Molecular Panel Details

“Biomarkers,” or “markers,” are measurable substances in the human body that can indicate potential health risks, infection, or environmental exposures in early stages. Depending on the package selected, your MY Health Assessment will integrate different categories of molecular biomarkers with patient self-reported information to identify health risks and imbalances.


Metabolites provide real-time insights into the body’s nutritional status, immune function, toxin accumulation, aging process and other disease trends. We measure the concentration levels of many important metabolites in your body and display results on a reference range. The reference range considers your age, gender and other demographics, as from scientific and clinical literature.

  • myFitnessFx
  • myFitnessFx Pro
  • myFitnessFx Max
  • myNutritionFx
  • Amino Acids
  • Biogenic Amines
  • Organic Acids
  • Glucose
  • Acylcarnitines
  • Lipids


The exposome is defined as a measure and evaluation of dietary and environmental (“non-genetic”) exposures of an individual and how those exposures impact health and disease. We include food and nutrition toxins and metal element biomarkers in our integrated health analysis with the exposures panel.

  • myNutritionFx
  • myFitnessFx Max
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Metals
  • Dietary Indicators


Proteins serve as the structure of your body and drive its function. Analyzing the circulating proteins in blood can reflect both real-time snapshots and long-term forecasts of the health of all your vital organs, including their structural integrity, functional status, and susceptibility to disease.

  • myFitnessFx Pro
  • myFitnessFx Max
  • Blood Clotting Factors
  • Immune Factors
  • Inflammatory Markers
  • Enzymes
  • Transport Proteins


DNA is the genetic material that contains the blueprint for most living things. Human genomes are 99.9% identical, but the variance in the remaining 0.1% makes each of us unique. We test thousands of genes with known variants, otherwise called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and report on the most interesting findings.

  • Plus Genetics

We test over 600,000 SNPs with disease associations, effects on drug metabolism, and other interesting traits. A pharmacogenetics report (medication profile) is only available if MY Genetics is tested

Phenotype Information

In addition to biomarker data, all health assessments integrate relevant details from self-reported “About Me” information. Patients are asked about their medical history, lifestyle habits, diet, family history, current medications and symptoms when they purchase a package. They must login to their MYhi accounts to complete this 8 section About Me Questionnaire before their report can be produced.

Selected Publications

Multiplexed LC/ESI-MRM-MS-based Assay for Identification of Coronary Artery Disease Biomarkers in Human Plasma

Exposome informatics: considerations for the design of future biomedical research information systems

The P4 Health Spectrum – A Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory Continuum for Promoting Healthspan

Metabolic signatures of Huntington’s disease (HD): 1H NMR analysis of the polar metabolome in post-mortem human brain

Exploring the molecular basis of age-related disease comorbidities using a multi-omics graphical model