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Privacy and
Data Security

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We at Molecular You take responsibility for the personal information you provide us.

We explain the reasons we collect data, and make sure you consent to the use of your data through our consent form.

We collect only the data we need to deliver our services, and only use, keep, and disclose data in the ways you have consented to, or in the ways we are required to by law.

We will keep your information accurate and up to date with your help.

We protect your data with technological safeguards like encryption and secure servers, as well as other safeguards like de-identifying your personally identifiable health information.

Our privacy policy is available, and if you have questions, concerns, or information requests about our privacy practices or compliance, please contact us.

Individuals have complete control over their own data.

As desired, data can be confidentially and securely shared with others such as physicians and caregivers.