Your personal health data dashboard.

Our reporting dashboard is an interactive tool that visually maps your complex health information. Your health analysis identifies areas for improvement and includes personalized action plans so you can be proactive in managing your health.

Health Data

Your complete Health Data Report

Your Molecular You account gives you access to much more than just health data. It is an all-in-one health guide that includes a curated literature database, a review of your report by a team of scientific experts, your custom health action plan and the ability to chart your progress. Your self-reported medical history and lifestyle are also incorporated into the analysis.

Your health data is organized into seven main sections. Drill down into all the details to see how each molecular measure is connected to a health risk, body function, organ or medication effect.

Action Plan

From Insight to Action

Your action plan is a detailed list of lifestyle recommendations based on your health profile. The action plan is created using evidence-based suggestions from our health intelligence platform. It is refined by a team of health scientists to deliver a personalized approach to achieving your health goals.


With the ability to track your results over time and through periodic re-testing, we can capture data insights on your performance progress.


It’s easy to track your health actions by using the myActionPlan mobile app. Set notifications to help you remember your actions and stay on the path to better health.

Health History

Integrating your medical and lifestyle history

A tremendous amount of insight about your health can be gained by what you report — on how you feel, your lifestyle and your medical and family history. This information is also known as phenomic data.


By capturing your phenomic data digitally, we can collect and integrate this information with the rest of your molecular profile. This provides a seamless overview of the complex factors that affect your health, and a foundation to construct a complete and compatible action plan that is specifically tailored to your molecular self.


Knowledge is power

Gain access to a library of articles and glossary terms to better understand your health report. Our scientific team of experts curates global scientific and clinical literature to keep you updated on the latest research pertaining to your health. Read personalized article recommendations based on your phenomic profile. Empower yourself with knowledge to proactively manage your health.

Take a proactive and personalized approach to your health.