Precision nutrition and fitness

Take the guesswork out of your nutrition and fitness.

“We are excited about partnering with Molecular You because it uses state of the art technology to help people know their personal health risks and then take preventive action.”

Bob Mehr, President and CEO
Pure Integrative Pharmacy


Which supplements are right for you?

Spot your vitamin deficiencies and imbalances

As a Pure Integrative Pharmacy customer, you know the importance of preventive health and you already take steps to live a healthier life. But do you know your body’s current dietary needs and which supplements you should be taking?  A personal health assessment could help to spot deficiencies or imbalances and could also warn you of any excessive intake of vitamins and minerals.

Look at the whole picture of your health

A Molecular You health assessment integrates your personal history with your genetics, the metabolites and proteins in your blood, and the nutrients and toxins in your diet, to tell you what is going on in your body.  Our health assessments enable earlier detection of health risks and provide a personal diet, fitness and supplement plan, based on your results, to proactively manage those risks.


When you purchase a Molecular You health assessment through your Pure Integrative Pharmacy, your pharmacist or health advisor will provide a single coaching session to help you get started on your action plan and discuss which supplements are right for you.

What you will learn


Precision Fitness

How does your body respond to exercise?

Fuel Usage

Do you use fats and sugars effectively?


Are you training at the right level?

Athletic Signature

How do you compare with elite athletes?


Personalized Diet

Which foods are right for you?


Which supplements you should be taking?


Are you risk for pre-diabetes?


Do you have any heavy metal exposures?



Which medications are right for your DNA?

Heart Health

What do your blood markers show?

Immune Health

What factors influence your immunity?


How inflammation affecting your health?

How it works

Give Sample

Visit one of our labs

Data Analysis

We connect all the dots

Explore Results

Online, anytime, anywhere

Personalized Plan

Track progress and repeat!

Find your package

Each package comes with a personalized action plan based on your unique health markers and a single coaching session with a Pure pharmacist or natural health advisor to help you get started on your action plan. 


Fitness Snapshot

Discover how your body responds to exercise


Featured Insights

  • Fuel utilization
  • Training tolerance
  • Athletic signature
  • 8 health risks
  • Liver, kidney & cognitive health
  • Type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular health
  • Personalized action plan
myFitnessFx Pro

Boosted Fitness

Get a deeper look into the impact of training on your body

myFitnessFx Pro

Featured Insights

  • Everything in MyFitnessFx, plus:
  • Extended athletic signature
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Additional 8 health risks
  • Extended liver, kidney & cognitive health
  • Inflammation, immune health & blood clotting
  • Personalized action plan
myFitnessFx Max

Optimal Performance

Optimize your nutrition and fitness for the long term

myFitnessFx Max

Featured Insights:

  • Everything in myFitnessFx Pro, plus:
  • Complete fitness insights
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins
  • Nutrition insights
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Personalized action plan

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Find out how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your health


Featured Insights

  • Everything in myFitnessFx, plus:
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Personalized action plan
  • Hypertension risk

Inherited Risks

Get insight into inherited risks and a personal medication profile


Featured Insights:

  • Inherited health risks
  • Inherited traits
  • Personal medication profile


(Optional add-on package)

Take Quiz

Consult with an expert

All packages include a single coaching session with a Pure Integrative Pharmacist or Natural Health Advisor to help you get started on your action plan.

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