Health intelligence

Molecular You analyzes biomarkers in your body to give you the most in-depth scientific health assessment available today.

Your genetics only reveals your inherited risks. We look at the most diverse range of biomarkers, to give you insight into not only your inherited risks, but also your current health status and any early warning signs. With this knowledge, you can take proactive measures to manage your health.

“Molecular You offers an unparalleled snapshot into how you are doing from a biological, athletic and healthy longevity standpoint. Your genes represent possibilities. Molecular You gives you insight into what is actually going on in your body, now.”

Jim Kean, Founder, WellnessFX

What we analyze

We analyze up to 6 different biomarker categories, depending on the package you choose. As most health risks involve multiple factors, the analysis becomes stronger with each additional biomarker group that we analyze.


We integrate the data to provide a dynamic view of your health. No other company in North America offers this level of analysis.


Metabolites are the clues left behind by your body – the indicators of your inner workings. We test for over 130 metabolites: sugar, acids, fats & neurotransmitters that contribute to your energy, metabolism, muscle & organ function, brain & heart health.


Genes are like a blueprint – they define many of your characteristics. We can identify over 25,000 genetic variants, which span 6,000 genes. These can help identify your health and medication risks.

Environment & Diet

We test for over 40 metals, minerals, nutrients & toxins. The analysis of your blood can uncover dietary imbalances and environmental exposure. These markers impact bone & brain development, liver function, skin & cardiovascular health.


We provide a personalized medication profile which shows risk of adverse or unwanted side effects to many common medications.


The state of your blood proteins impacts your health and health risks significantly. We test over 140 proteins that can tell you about inflammation, immunity & oxidation; blood clotting & bone function.

Health & Lifestyle History

We integrate your self-reported history into our analysis to give us more insight and context. We look at your family history, medical conditions, medications, supplements, nutrition, exercise and environment.

Backed by science

We use a rigorous process to deliver your health insights, report on early detection of health risks and design a personalized action plan. We draw on a combination of expert scientific input and the latest technologies to ensure the quality of your report.

Research Evidence

The MY Health Intelligence platform curates global scientific and clinical literature for evidence of biomarkers linked to health risks. We employ stringent criteria – the supporting evidence must be reproducible and/or highly-cited to be reported.

State-of-the-art technologies

We use genotyping microarrays and mass spectrometry techniques to analyze the molecular level data, big data analytics to process the massive amounts of information, algorithms and AI tools to curate literature and develop personalized action plans, and big data storage solutions to ensure privacy and security.

Driven by Experts

It takes a team of experts to deliver a personalized health tool as comprehensive as ours. Our team includes physicians, geneticists, protein and microbe specialists, fitness and nutrition scientists and experts in bioinformatics, systems biology and data visualization.

Personalized health

Analyzing the most diverse range of biomarkers in North America

Dr. Rob Fraser speaks at the Superhuman conference about the technologies that are enabling personalized health. With biomarker health assessments, we now have a better understanding of our current and future health risks and can take preventive measures to live a healthier life.

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We have published a number of articles, posters and presentations on personalized health, nutrition, bioinformatics and biomarkers linked to health risks. Find some of our publications here.

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