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Stories can inspire change. We asked some of our customers to share their motivations for getting tested and how it has affected their lives. We hope that hearing real stories will inspire you to take action too.

Early Detection

“I was lucky to get an early warning. My annual assessment had not flagged anything.”

As a healthy 50 year old executive, Eric just wanted peace of mind. His annual executive health assessment had not flagged any issues, but with a family history of heart disease, he just wanted to be sure. His results came as a shock – significant signs of pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and cardiovascular issues.


Talking with his physician, Eric realized that his risks had been detected around 5 years earlier than they might have been with his usual health check-ups. He had been lucky. The results were a big warning flag but also very motivating. Now that he has the data, he is determined to make diet and lifestyle changes to reverse the trend and avert chronic disease. 


Eric is now following his action plan, with diet and exercise recommendations and looking forward to re-testing to see the impact.

“I found my results hugely motivating. Now I know my risks for heart disease and diabetes, I can make lifestyle changes to prevent long term issues.

– Eric

Family history of Alzheimer’s

“My grandma had Alzheimer’s – so that was a worry.”

Seeing her grandmother suffer with Alzheimer’s, made Kira wonder if she had any inherited risk for Alzheimer’s. She also had concerns about weight fluctuations and psoriasis (an autoimmune skin condition). She decided to take the full set of tests, hoping that she could make changes while still young, to improve her health for the longer term.

“I wanted to get tested while I’m still young and real change is possible.”

Seeing the results, brought enormous relief. She did not have a genetic risk for Alzheimer’s and did not have any major health risks to worry about. With that confirmation came real peace of mind. After a thorough consultation with a physician, she was able to understand how to manage her psoriasis through dietary supplements, specific to her personal test results. Her results highlighted a few other areas to pay attention to – some gut and metabolic issues – that could also be managed by changing her diet, exercise and supplements.

Having an action plan completely tailored to me, made me want to follow it.”

Having an action plan completely tailored to her personal health assessment was key for Kira. Knowing precisely which supplements to take and dietary modifications to make, and why, made it easier to follow the action plan and stick to it. A month later, after following the action plan, her skin has visibly improved. She hopes to take another test to see the difference in a year’s time.

For me, knowing there are dynamic markers that I can do something about on a day to day basis is huge. Genetics is static. I can’t change that.

– Kira

Starting a Family

“If I can change my diet or exercise to increase my chances, I want to know.”

After 5 long years of trying to start a family, Crystal was seeking answers. She had been through the pain and loss of 2 ectopic pregnancies and several miscarriages. She had been poked and prodded and had all the usual tests, but there were no obvious clues.


She started digging into her family history to try to understand what was going on. Her grandparents had experienced heart problems, cancer, and dementia so she was also curious to know if she had any inherited risks.


Crystal knew that she was essentially healthy, but wondered if there were any hidden reasons for her struggle. She opted for full molecular profiling to see if there were any metabolic issues, nutritional imbalances or protein issues that she could change through diet and exercise.

“I just want to know if there’s something I can do to be healthier.

– Crystal

Family History of Breast Cancer

“I just want to know if I’m at risk and what I can do about it”

With a history of breast cancer in the family and the recent diagnosis of a loved one, Chantelle felt a real urgency to get tested. As a mother of 2 young children, she wanted to know her personal risk for breast cancer and get a clear picture of her current state of health. She felt the need to know now, while she could do something about it.



When her father got tested and shared what he had learned about managing his type 2 diabetes, Chantelle decided it was time to act. She wanted to be more proactive about her health and understand how to mitigate any risks. Knowing she would get a personalized action plan rather than just test results, was a big plus.

“If there is something I can change today, then I want to know.”

She and her husband both decided to take the full set of tests. With a young family, they both felt the need to take control of their health, stay healthy and be around for their kids.

“Now that I have my own family, I really want to be around for my grand kids.”

– Chantelle

Drug intolerances

“Now I can start to understand why my body can’t tolerate certain medicines.”

When Aasha experienced a bad reaction to a drug she’d been prescribed for Polycystic issues, she rushed to her specialist. To her dismay, she was told by 3 doctors – after consulting Pharmaceutical drug guide book – that this wasn’t an expected side-effect and she should continue to take the medication for 6 months. After years of feeling that she was not being taken seriously, and her body having further problems, she got diagnostic imaging that showed clear signs of liver damage.


Desperately seeking answers and data she opted for Exome genetic testing and worked with genetic researchers in Canada, the US and China. She got raw data showing inherited issues related to her medical situation, but still lacked a clear picture of how it was affecting her body today and what she could do about it.


Through the Personalized Medicine Summit, Aasha found Molecular You and got the full range of metabolite, protein, environmental, dietary and exposure tests. Her results finally gave her the full picture and validated her symptoms. She got clear insights into medical issues and some clues about her sensitivity to drugs. It also flagged an area that doctors had not thought to investigate.

“I finally feel validated about my symptoms. I now have a full set of results that I can discuss with my doctors.”

Now Aasha can finally move on and address her health issues that she has never been able to tolerate medication for. With 3 generations of illness and sensitivity to drugs in her family, she is hoping that she can help others in her family too. After 23 long years of searching for answers, she is hoping to finally move on and find suitable therapies in this new era of personalized medicine.

“Now, I am hoping I can help my family too. Our needless suffering would have long ended if this test had been around 20 years ago”

– Aasha

All stories are based on real individuals. Some names and images have been changed to protect the identities of those individuals.

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