Precision Fitness Testing

“With this assessment, we are able to identify nutritional deficiencies and metabolic imbalances, and assess if your diet and exercise regime are optimal for you. Based on these results, we create a plan unique to you and your goals: whether it be improving athletic performance, overall health or preventing disease in future.”

Dr. Melissa Cugliari, Naturopathic Doctor
Toronto Athletic Club


Eliminate the Guesswork

myFitnessFx is designed for people who want to know how their body responds to exercise, and what improvements can be made to optimize their health and fitness. Through in-depth analysis of blood markers, myFitnessFx pinpoints underlying factors that may be holding performance back or contributing to injuries and inflammation. A personalized nutrition and fitness plan is designed for each individual based on their unique needs and any potential health risks.


Through in-depth analysis of the amino acids, proteins and metabolites in your blood, we can see the effects of your current exercise regime, how you respond to exercise and recommend improvements. Your exercise plan may suggest changes in intensity, duration, timing or the relative mix of aerobic vs. strength. It may also pinpoint underlying factors contributing to injuries or inflammation.


Your personal nutritional assessment takes an integrated view of your current health profile, any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances and whether you would benefit from any supplements. You’ll also discover whether environmental exposures are affecting your health. We test for over 60 metals, minerals, nutrients & toxins.


Diet & Environment


Personal History



Are your fitness goals based on data?

To get the full picture of your health, you need to look at the dynamic interactions between your diet, lifestyle, and environment. The amino acids, metabolites, proteins and vitamins circulating in your blood are constantly changing as a result of the foods you eat and exercise you do and these factors are the best determinants of your health.

What is metabolic flexibility?

Metabolic flexibility is your body’s ability to switch between using fats and sugars as fuel sources. If your body is unable to use fats efficiently, your power output, stamina and response to exercise will suffer. Likewise, if you do not use sugars efficiently, higher intensity activity will be a challenge.


A blood marker test can assess your metabolic flexibility. Your personalized exercise plan can include changes in intensity, duration, timing, recovery periods or relative mix of aerobic vs. strength to achieve a healthy metabolic flexibility.

What you will learn


Precision Fitness

How does your body respond to exercise?

Fuel Usage

Do you use fats and sugars effectively?


Are you training at the right level?

Athletic Signature

How do you compare with elite athletes?


Personalized Diet

Which foods are right for you?


Which supplements you should be taking?


Are you risk for pre-diabetes?


Do you have any heavy metal exposures?



Which medications are right for your DNA?

Heart Health

What do your blood markers show?

Immune Health

What factors influence your immunity?


How inflammation affecting your health?

Find your package

All packages include a one hour report consultation with a TAC practitioner, and an orientation to help you get started. 


Fitness Snapshot

Discover how your body responds to exercise


Featured Insights

  • Fuel utilization
  • Training tolerance
  • Athletic signature
  • 8 health risks
  • Liver, kidney & cognitive health
  • Type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular health
  • Personalized action plan
myFitnessFx Pro

Boosted Fitness

Get a deeper look into the impact of training on your body

myFitnessFx Pro

Featured Insights

  • Everything in MyFitnessFx, plus:
  • Extended athletic signature
  • Mitochondrial function
  • Additional 8 health risks
  • Extended liver, kidney & cognitive health
  • Inflammation, immune health & blood clotting
  • Personalized action plan
myFitnessFx Max

Optimal Performance

Optimize your nutrition and fitness for the long term

myFitnessFx Max

Featured Insights:

  • Everything in myFitnessFx Pro, plus:
  • Complete fitness insights
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Environmental toxins
  • Nutrition insights
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Personalized action plan

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Find out how your diet and lifestyle are affecting your health


Featured Insights

  • Everything in myFitnessFx, plus:
  • Vitamin & mineral imbalances & deficiencies
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Personalized action plan
  • Hypertension risk

Inherited Risks

Get insight into inherited risks and a personal medication profile


Featured Insights:

  • Inherited health risks
  • Inherited traits
  • Personal medication profile


(Optional add-on package)

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