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What is MYHi

Welcome to Molecular You.

Have you or someone you know recently received or been introduced to the Molecular You health assessment (MYHi)?

Helping you to understand more about how you are doing on the inside.

The Molecular You health assessment (MYHi) begins with one blood sample and your molecular health profile is generated. Genetics can only give you part of the picture so to see what’s going on in your body right now, you also need to look at metabolites, proteins, nutrients, toxins, your personal history, and your personal response to medications. These are the real-time indicators of your health.

Assisted by AI, your profile is compared to the Molecular You global database, a curated database of global scientific and clinical literature, for evidence of biomarkers related to health risks.

A personalized report which provides extensive insight into your current and future health risks is provided then matched with a customized lifestyle action plan.

With additional blood samples, MYHi can help you to track your health progress over time.

What you will learn

Molecular You recognises that everyone’s health journey is different. Based on your profile, we create a personalized report and lifestyle action plan to help you address current health issues and potential long-term risks.

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