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Explore your personal health dashboard

To help you make sense of your results and see how to optimize your health, we’ve created an interactive dashboard. You’ll see a high level snapshot of your risks and recommendations, but you can also zoom right in to explore the individual biomarkers we tested and see how they relate to health risks and body functions.

“The dashboard is amazing – layer upon layer of valuable health data and a personalized action plan. I would advise young people in their 20s and 30s with family history of disease to take this test, while they have plenty of time to make lifestyle changes.”

Wants to live a healthy, active retirement

Health Data

Discover your complete health picture

Interactive visuals present your health data from 7 different perspectives:

Health Data Highlights
High level snapshot of risks and recommendations.

Organ Health Assessment
How your biomarkers reflect the health of your organs.

Health Risk Assessment
How your data relates to your risk of specific health conditions.

Body Function Assessment
Your body’s inner processes like inflammation.

Medication Effects
Which medications may pose a risk. (Pharmacogenetics)

Health Explorer
Visualizing the links between biomarkers, health risks and organs.

Your individual values compared with optimal ranges.

Action Plan

Turn insight into action

We want you to stay healthy, so we create a personalized action plan to help you address any risks and be proactive about your health. Your action plan is a detailed set of recommendations based on your unique health results. It is created using evidence-based suggestions from our health intelligence platform and refined by our team of health scientists. We’ll help you to track your diet and lifestyle changes – and map your progress each time you get tested.

New! MY Health Tracker App

You can easily follow and track your fitness and diet goals with the new MY Health Tracker mobile app.  Start tracking your progress today!


Tell us more about yourself

We can gain additional insight from what you tell us – your lifestyle, medical and family history. We integrate this in our analysis of your biomarkers to give an overview of the complex factors affecting your health and action plan completely tailored to you.


Understand how to stay healthy

Knowledge is power. We’ve created and curated an array of articles and glossaries to help you understand all the essentials. To save you the work, we’ll recommend articles based on your personal profile.

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