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Molecular You is a Health Intelligence solution that fosters greater patient engagement in their health while generating new opportunities to advance care.

The Evolution of Holistic,
Patient-Focused Care

Molecular You health assessment (MYHi)

Applying world leading science and technologies, Molecular You has curated a global database of multi-omic biomarker data. Patients are offered the Molecular You health assessment (MYHi) through patient support programs where a blood sample is collected to generate a personalized molecular health profile.

Identify health status and risk

This profile is then compared to the global database to identify individual health status and risk. A report and lifestyle action plan is created to guide, engage and empower patients in their own personal health management. To help patients track progress over time, multiple blood samples are taken.

RWD health insights

A continuous stream of confidential and secure RWD health insights outside of the clinical trial process is generated and can be utilized to further evolve patient care and accelerate the development of more effective therapies.

Evidence based Insights to Enhance Patient Care

Molecular You
Health Intelligence Solution

Data Science

The Molecular You
Data Science Methodology

Patent pending analysis model including AI, machine learning and expert insight.

Global Database

The Molecular You
Global Database

Curated database of global scientific and clinical literature for evidence of biomarkers related to health risks.

Expand Knowledge

Expand Knowledge

Longitudinal, RWD insight, beyond the clinical trial process. Can be utilized to support RWE creation.

RWD Insight

RWD Insight

Continuous stream of aggregated RWD health insights is generated


Molecular You Health Intelligence:
Our Health Assessment Product

From one blood sample, a patient molecular health profile is generated. Assisted by AI, this profile is compared to the global database to identify health status and risk. Delivers reports and lifestyle action plans to engage and empower patients in personal health management.