Your AI-driven playbook for personalized health

Take the guesswork out of your workouts and diet. See what’s happening on the inside and get a personal playbook for optimal fitness and nutrition.



What you will learn


Precision Fitness

How does your body respond to exercise?

Fuel Usage

Do you use fats and sugars effectively?


Are you training at the right level?

Athletic Signature

How do you compare with elite athletes?


Personalized Diet

Which foods are right for you?


Which supplements should you be taking?


Are you risk for pre-diabetes?


Do you have any heavy metal exposures?



Which medications are right for your DNA?

Heart Health

What do your blood markers show?

Immune Health

What factors influence your immunity?


How inflammation affecting your health?


Helping people like you

Personalized Nutrition

I want to feel healthy as I age – and sustain my active lifestyle. This has given me a personal prescription for health – and proof that it works.

Personalized Supplements

My grandma had Alzheimer’s – so that was a worry. I wanted to get tested while I’m still young and real change is possible.

Healthy Aging

I would advise young people in their 20s and 30s with family history to take this test, while they have plenty of time to make lifestyle changes.

What we offer

Which product is right for you?

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Explore your personal playbook

A sports playbook analyzes every game, play by play, and comes up with highly detailed strategies and tactics to improve the team’s performance next season. In the same way, your personal playbook uses AI to analyze your biomarkers and design a go-to plan of action for optimal health over the long term. It’s personal and it’s practical – with specific insights on fitness, nutrition and supplements based on your unique data.

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See how you’re doing on the inside


Diet & Environment


Personal History



We connect the dots. We analyze your blood markers across multiple dimensions and use AI to build a detailed picture of your health, drawing from a vast array of curated scientific research.

Genetics can only give you part of the picture – the traits and risks you have inherited. To see what’s going on in your body right now, you also need to look at metabolites, proteins, nutrients, toxins, your personal history, and your personal response to medications. These are the real-time indicators of your health.

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