Empowered by Knowledge

The Molecular You Health Intelligence platform delivers comprehensive, precise, personalized health insights by combining integrated molecular profiles, including genetic, metabolite, protein and microbial, with the latest scientific and clinical literature.

MYHealthIntelligence™ gives you predictive and prescriptive health insights and customized action plans to attain a healthier path. As you progress with Molecular You, your actions and future results get captured into our analysis to further customize an action plan that best suits you and your goals.

Founded by world-leading scientists and clinicians, our technology has been developed to support the delivery of personalized, precision healthcare to practitioners and clients.

Shaping a new health experience. Together.

Molecular You coupled with expert practitioners and design, empower you to take a proactive approach to health.

Information For Practitioners

Built on a strong scientific foundation.

Our comprehensive set of molecular metrics accurately reflects your current state of health.

Health Intelligence

Quality and Expertise.

Global leaders in medical practice, cutting-edge molecular science, and big data analytics link your health data to the latest scientific and clinical literature.

Molecular You Team

Advanced Molecular Profiling.

Our leading edge integrated multi-profile analysis provides accurate and personalized health insights.

Molecular Profiling

Technology to enable the journey from data to insight.

Your health is dynamic, and so is our proprietary computing system that analyzes and optimizes your action plans over time.

Our Technology

Move forward with precise health actions.

Actionable health reports inform personalized treatment action plans so you can achieve your health goals.

Precision Health Management

Bring precision to your health. Live healthy longer!