Get the full picture of your health

with a health assessment that looks at your diet, lifestyle, environment and genetics

Peace of mind about your health

Know your health risks – and what you can do

You, at your best

Understand how to stay healthy - with an action plan unique to you

We want you to stay healthy!

We analyze the most diverse range of biomarkers to show your health risks today – and what you can do about it.


Your health is more than your genetics. Our preventive health assessments analyze not only your genetics, but also your metabolites, proteins, nutrients and toxins to give you the full picture. Then, we design a personal diet and fitness plan to help you stay healthy.

What you will learn


Discover which drugs may harm you.


Personalized diet recommendations.


Know which supplements you should be taking.


Personalized fitness plans to improve your health.


Know if you are at risk and how to minimize it.

Heart Health

Check multiple markers for heart health.

Immune Health

Learn what factors influence your immunity.


Learn how inflammation affects your health.


Learn your inherited risk factors.


Discover heavy metal exposures.


Spot the early signs and get an action plan.


Discover the underlying factors affecting your mood.


Helping people like you

Early detection

‘I was lucky to get an early warning. My annual assessment had not flagged anything.’


— Eric

Starting a family

‘If I can change my diet or exercise to increase my chances, I want to know.‘


— Crystal

Family history of Alzheimer’s

“For me, knowing there are dynamic markers that I can do something about on a day to day basis is huge. Genetics is static. I can’t change that.”


— Kira

What we offer

Find the package that’s right for you

We have a range of packages to choose from, depending on your personal health concerns and family history. You can add genetics to any of the packages.


Explore your health – visually

MY Health Intelligence™ is our visual dashboard that makes it easy to explore your results, discover early warning signs and learn what you can do about it. Behind the scenes it is drawing from a vast array of scientific literature and clinical research, using intelligence to bring you personal insights based on the latest scientific knowledge.

New! MY Health Tracker App

The new MY Health Tracker mobile app is a quick and easy way to track your diet and fitness goals and follow your Action Plan.  Start tracking your progress today!

The Science

Get real-time indicators of your health


Diet & Environment


Personal History



Genetics can only tell you about the health risks you were born with. We look at the most diverse range of biomarkers, to give you insights into your inherited risks, current health and any early warning signs. We look at your genetics, metabolites, proteins, nutrients, toxins and pharmacogenetics and suggest what you can do to optimize your health.

Words From Wellness Experts

Take a personalized approach to your health.

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