Health Intelligence

Our vision is to optimize individual health to support healthy, longer lives.

We deliver this by fostering greater patient engagement in their health while generating new insights and opportunities to advance care.

The Molecular You Health Intelligence (MYHi) health assessment, coupled with advanced patent pending data science methodologies, is designed to generate a continuous stream of Real-World Data (RWD) health insights to accelerate the development of more effective therapies and the evolution of holistic care.

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For Business


Molecular You works with pharmaceutical clients to assist with the industry’s increasing challenges and opportunities.

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The Evolution of Holistic, Patient-Focused Care

Our vision is to provide patient centric, evidence-based health intelligence to guide the evolution of precision medicine, therapeutic options, and “beyond the drug” patient engagement in their health.


Have you or someone that you know recently received or been introduced to the Molecular You health assessment (MYHi)?

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For Healthcare

Our solution supports greater patient engagement in their health while generating new opportunities to advance care.


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